Free Mold Inspection, not so free.  

PLEASE WATCH VIDEO Before Accepting A Free Mold Inspection.

Free Mold Inspections? Not so free. When a mold remediation company offers you a free mold inspection they are just trying to get in the door to sell you mold remediation work that you may not need. Have your home inspected and tested by a certified, qualified, trained mold inspector. One who lives by a code of ethics. We do not do any type of work, we will not try to sell you anything, will not try to do any kind of work for you. We would be there to work in your best interest to explain everthing in detail and to make sure you are only going to fix what actually needs fixing and no more.

  We have no conflict of interest and we have no hidden goal to sell or fix your house ourself. If you have a problem will will show you and prove to you what we say is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we recommend testing it is based on facts not fear! 

     Please watch the video about unqualified, untrained people inspecting houses without being qualified, licensed or trained in inspecting. These people are not inspectors nor do they have the proper training. They do  not live by, nor do they know the codes that real inspectors live by.

     Leave the inspecting and testing to us the professionals, we will leave the remediation to them.


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